“Just close your eyes and you’ll hear the hammers and the chisels creating the beat of the town that brings life into marble … This is Pyrgos, Tinos’ home for marble craftsmanship ! ”

Pyrgos (or Panormos as the wider area is known), in the island of Tinos, is the village where the heart of Tinian Marble craftsmanship keeps beating. Ιnscribed by UNESCO on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Pyrgos continues to provide Greece and the world with unique examples of art and is considered today as a free open-air museum.

The quarries, the studios, Tinos Art School as well as the nearby museums, all have contributed in keeping an ancient craft alive within the village.

Petros Marmarinos, is an active member of this historic community, carrying on, along with a number of other artists from Pyrgos, the great art of Marble Sculpture.