Petros Marmarinos Art Gallery

August 3, 2018 | Press
Petros Marmarinos Art Gallery

Pyrgos, Tinos
Tel.: +30 22830 31624, 22830 31524, 6972034686
f: Petros Marmarinos
i: petrosmarmarinos

Petros Marmarinos, born in the village of Pyrgos in Tinos, decided to follow the artistic tradition of his birthplace and family when he attended the Panormos School of Fine Arts of Tinos. In the workshop-art gallery, he opened in 1995, you will find wonderful creations where the archaic sculpture blends with the modern one, the stone with the marble, the tension with the harmony, the light with the shadow. Throughout the years he has participated in many exhibitions and his creations have been presented and published in international media. You will find his gallery at the entrance of the village, opposite the “Tinian Artists” and “Giannoulis Halepa” Museums.

Source: Newspaper Lifo

Summer 2018