Petros Marmarinos: Sculpture on stone & marble

August 1, 2018 | Press
Petros Marmarinos: Sculpture on stone & marble

“Just like the Aegean waves have hewed the rocks of Tinos’ shores throughout the centuries, likewise, the “Boat” also seems like it has been hewed by 3500 years of the island’s cultural heritage. Inspired from the small paper boats of our innocent youth, the “Boat feels like it is sailing on a timeless journey, with a centuries-old cultural treasure hidden inside”.

“The “Doves” made of white marble are the doves of innocence and peace, of Tinos and of Greece. Today they adorn solely or in composition, various private and public spaces in many parts of the world; a special homour for their creator and for Tinian Marble Craftsmanship.”


Source: Magazine Kyma

August 2018